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What is Mentorship?

Mentorship provides a way to connect people who may need support and advice with people who have the expertise and experience to help. We are currently testing this product within Groups and Pages to let admins start mentorship programs for their communities.

About Mentorship

Why am I seeing this new feature?

We’re offering this feature to admins of Groups that might find these features useful.

How do I know if Mentorship is a good fit for my group?

As a leader for your community, you know best what makes sense for your group. Some places we’ve seen this be successful so far:

  • Family – Parenting groups are pairing more experienced mentors with mentees who need help adjusting to parenthood and dealing with parenting challenges.
  • Career – Alumni Networks pairing new grads with those established in their career for advice on how to navigate the working world.
  • Hobbies – Mentees eager to learn a new craft or refine their skills are learning from mentors with more experience or different skillsets.
  • Wellness – Novice runners gearing up for their first race get paired with runners who have crossed the finish line before.

How much time does it take to manage a mentorship program for my group?

Most admins spend less than an hour setting up, customizing and testing their program.It only takes a few clicks to match each pair. You can start matching pairs as soon as you have at least 1 mentor application and 1 mentee application. The more applications you have, the longer it will take to match everyone, but remember that not everyone in your group is likely to apply.Most of the work managing pairs is taken care of by Facebook. We notify people when there is activity in their group, send periodic reminders to keep working together if needed, and provide ways to leave a mentorship if needed. Some admins proactively reach out to pairs to check in or see how things are going; the amount of time you spend doing this is up to you.

How it Works

How do I get started creating a mentorship program?

To create or manage a mentorship program, you must use Facebook on a web browser on your computer, not a mobile device. (Mentors and mentees can access their Messenger thread and their mentorship program on Facebook through a mobile device.)From a web browser, go to your group and select Manage in the left-hand navigation. There you will now see a tab called Mentorship. Click on that tab and you’ll be walked through the process of creating a mentorship program.

What’s the process for creating a mentorship program?

It’s easy to create a mentorship program and start sharing it with your group.

  1. Click “Get Started.”
  2. Choose a program type.
  3. Write a short description for the program.
  4. Customize the questionnaires for mentors and mentees.
  5. Apply to the program yourself and ask another group admin or trusted group member to apply as well. Create a test pair with with the two of you to review the application and program.
  6. Share the program with your group and encourage people to sign up
  7. Create pairs to enable people to begin their mentorship programs

What is the product experience for group members like?

  • Group members learn about the program and apply to be mentors or mentees by answering a few quick questions.
  • Each person gets notified when they’ve been matched.
  • Pairs get new program steps about once a week in their private mentorship program on Facebook.
  • Pairs are connected on Messenger so they can communicate easily at any time.


Which group admins are admins of the group’s mentorship program?

Once a mentorship program is created, any group admin can admin a mentorship program.

Who is eligible to join my mentorship program?

All group members age 18 and older can apply to be a mentor or mentee. People who are not members of your group cannot apply to your mentorship program

How do I select a curriculum for my group?

We currently offer 5 different curriculum options:

  • Support and Encouragement: Mentors help mentees navigate challenging situations, like parenting, that they have experienced themselves.
  • Skills Development: Pair more experienced mentors with mentees who want to learn new skills or refine their craft. This can be used for mentorship programs with participants of varying skill levels .
  • Early Career Guidance: Mentors help students, recent grads and anyone entering a new field explore career options, identify job opportunities, apply and get hired.
  • Career Advancement: Experienced mentors help mentees in the same field gain confidence, get promoted or improve core skills.
  • Other Goals: Mentors and mentees build relationships and learn about setting goals with the help of a general curriculum that works with a variety of topics.

If you have suggestions, requests or questions, please let us know. On mobile, support is available under the Admin Tools section of the Group. (Note: You must have the latest version of Facebook updated on mobile to see this section.) On desktop, support is available on the left-hand side menu in the Group.

Do I have to install a separate app to use Mentorship?

No, everything takes place on Facebook and Messenger. Once someone creates or applies to a mentorship program, they will see a new Mentorship icon in their bookmarks in the Facebook app. They will receive important notifications about activity within the mentorship program through Facebook and Messenger.

How do I test my mentorship program before I launch it to my group?

After you create the mentorship program and the mentor and mentee applications, ask a trusted group member (another admin if possible) to apply to the program and do so yourself. Then you’ll be able to practice matching a pair, make sure that your program description and application questions make sense, and familiarize yourself with the program steps and the experience. Then you can share the mentorship program with your group by sharing a post in your group.

How do I let people know they can sign up?

Once you’ve created your program and are ready for group members to start signing up, create a post.

  • Post directly in the group and consider adding it to the pinned post
  • Promote your program as an ongoing offering. Post regularly, at least once a month, to get new members to sign up.
  • Reach out personally to members with specific skills or experiences that would make good mentors.

Who can see activity between mentors and mentees?

Admins can see when a pair completes a program step, but all communication within a mentorship, both on Facebook and on Messenger, is visible only to that pair.

What happens when mentors and mentees complete all curriculum steps?

The guided mentorship program lasts for between 4 to 7 weeks, depending on the curriculum you select. Once all steps are complete, pairs are encouraged to maintain their relationship and keep working toward the goals they define early on. They won’t receive prompts from Facebook anymore, but they will be able to access all content shared in their mentorship program to refer back to.

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If you have suggestions, requests or questions, please let us know. On mobile, support is available under the Admin Tools section of the Group. (Note: You must have the latest version of Facebook updated on mobile to see this section.) On desktop, support is available on the left-hand side menu in the Group.

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