Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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Why Do You Believe That A Student Should Take Counselling Advice?

There’s more to Career Counselling than offering a piece of advice. It’s a research-oriented, collaborative practice where the counsellor takes into account various factors and personal attributes to identify a student’s potential. Then she runs it by others to get close to the available resources and career options and map it to a student’s potential. Career Counselling helps a student to gain insights into diverse career choices apart from the traditional ones. Identifying and pursuing an appropriate career path according to capabilities is very important in today’s world. Career counseling not only helps students identify their potential about various career options but it also provides information about various educational institutions to pursue their career. That leads to better growth and prospects in future.

Need for Career Counselling Need for Career Counselling?

The counselor is equipped with myriad tools to help students in making their choices. The students and the parents are generally confused about the choices. Every other month, there are new upcoming courses, disciplines and colleges in the world and the students cannot keep track of the changes that are taking place.

Charles feels that the life of the young generation is hectic and competitive, wherein problems, doubts and confusion arise constantly, so having someone they can go to and speak to and have their issues addressed is a big deal. Giving them that friend, philosopher and guide that they need is the biggest achievement for a counselor because winning the trust of a person is difficult in today’s world. Learning should be a choice made by them rather than the children being forced to do so.

Why Does Counselling Appeal To You?

Everyone has the potential to get a bright life for themselves. Guidance and Counselling act as support mechanisms and help one to identify the real capabilities within themselves. Proper guidance helps to deal with a lot of challenges, and counseling acts as an emotional anchor in the support system.

Why What Do You Strive For ?

Varsha aspires to take psycho-social and career counseling services to nook and corner of the country. This helps people know their strengths and enhance their potential according to their abilities and available resources. In the coming years, she wishes to expand her work to every school and college. This also gives general population an edge in their personal and professional life.

Why Career Counselling?

arsha’s teaching experience in Psychology and History to underprivileged college and university students of Punjab University fueled the thought of career counselling. During her voluntary training assignments she felt the need for Career and Psychological Counselling to students from 10th to Undergraduate and provided the same.

She took her interest further and worked as a Development Coach with Narayana Group of Institutions and provided Psycho-Social coaching to manage their emotional balance to their students. Her forte lies in conducting Floor activity and one-to-one Counselling.

She walked an extra mile by working with elderly women on creating awareness about restarting their career after a gap. In this way, she added a leaf to the existing women empowerment initiatives. She believes in encouraging women to make the best of their careers and incline their goals with the personal success.