Yoga Instructor | Health and Wellness

Yoga is an ancient Indian practice that focuses on the wellbeing
of our mind, body and spirit.
The science of yoga believes in promoting health by bringing
our body and mind in tune with nature.
It includes several exercises, postures, meditation and
breathing techniques that help to make our body fit while also
soothing the mind.
There are many schools or styles of yoga such as Hatha Yoga,
Iyengar’s Yoga, Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Isha Yoga and so on –
based on different founders of the practice and their varying
approaches to Yoga. Each of these styles require different
Whichever the style, all Yoga Instructors have to:
· Understand medical history based on which yoga asanas are
· Guide students into breathing and meditation techniques
and demonstrate asanas and help achieve postures
· Counsel students on food habits, sleep, lifestyle and natural
healing methods
· Motivate students to practice regularly


Eligibility and Admission process to courses:
· Class XII completed

Aptitude and Skills needed:
· Interest in holistic health and wellness
· Self-discipline and dedicated practice
· Calm disposition, patience and dedication
· Strong speaking and communication skills
· Ability to motivate students towards regular practice

In recent times, high stress levels and poor health have become a common occurrence in our cities. More and more people are
turning to Yoga as a solution. The Government of India declared June 21, 2016 as International Yoga Day and set up a Ministry of
Ayush to promote Yoga both in India and abroad.
With the sudden spurt in private yoga institutes and training centres, a huge demand for Yoga teachers and Yoga therapists has
followed. However, competition is high and an instructor has to be recognized for his teaching skills before he can get steady flow of
students and a premium fee.

Government jobs
· Yoga Instructors in Government
Departments and Public Sector Units to
train employees
· Yoga Therapists at various Government
Ayurvedic and Naturopathy hospitals
· Yoga teachers at Government schools
Social sector
· NGOs working in the field of mental and
psychological health
· Rehabilitation and De-addiction centre
· Set up your own Yoga centre and offer
· Yoga therapist treating individual patients
· Personal Yoga Trainer
Work hours and day/night shifts:
Flexible work hours | Daytime,
evening, night, weekend or holiday
shifts to suit the convenience of
students and practitioners
Private sector
Yoga consultants, yoga therapists, yoga
trainers/ instructors/ teachers at a range of
private establishments such as
· Corporate Organizations as part of their
employee wellness schemes
· Hotels and tourist resorts
· Housing societies and private residential
· Gym and health centers
· Schools and Colleges
· Private hospitals
· Psychological Counseling centers and
mental health facilities

Educational sector
· Lecturer or Associate Professor at
many of the Yoga training institutes &
Colleges offering Teachers Training

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