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There is a lot of work involved when people travel on a
holiday, whether in India or abroad.The first thing they have to
do is to choose from various beautiful holiday spots based on
their budget and time. This is followed by planning an
itinerary, booking train or flight tickets and hotels and
ensuring that they manage to cover all the key tourist spots at
their destination. The whole process can be very time
Travel Professionals make this much easier by taking over a lot
of these functions for a fixed fee.
Travel Consultants or Travel Counsellors provide complete
guidance on travel and aim to get clients best value on their
trip. They provide clients with recommendations on holiday
destinations, travel itineraries, hotel stay, planned activities
and sight-seeing tours, arranging car rentals and every stage
of the journey for their clients.
In India this service is still in a nascent stage.
It is more common to find Travel Agents and Tour Operators
here. Their services are restricted to mostly transport
arrangements and ticket booking. Some Travel Agents offer
help with exchange rates, car rentals and tours as well.
Some of the tasks Travel Agents, Tour Operators do include:
· Make transport arrangements and ticket bookings
· Provide relevant information about a place to clients
· Assist with exchange control
· Organize Guided Tours to various spots
· Arrange for activities like river rafting, hang gliding, rock
climbing and camping


Educational Requirements
Undergraduate courses
· B. A| B. Com in Travel & Tourism Management | Tourism
Studies | Tourism Administration
· B. Sc. in Hospitality and Travel Management
· B. B. A in Travel & Tourism
· Undergraduate Diploma in Travel & Tourism Management
and related areas
· Certificate courses by IATA (International Air transport
Those interested in career advancement or teaching should do:
Postgraduate courses
· MTA (Master of Tourism Administration

Eligibility and Entry into jobs:
· Class XII completed in any stream

Aptitude and Skills needed:
· Organizational skills
· Attention to detail, dates, locations
· Excellent Customer Service and communication skills
· Computer skills for booking and ticketing
· Appreciation of culture, customs and tourist destinations

Travel and tourism in India is not as mature a market as in other countries. Despite having tremendous potential, India’s travel sector
has not opened up and grown enough. However, in recent years with the increase in the disposable income of the middle class as
well as global jobs, there is a huge surge in both business and leisure travel to India by foreign and domestic tourists. The
Government is also promoting tourism and encouraging the travel industry to develop.
A shortage of trained professionals in the field has led to many Travel Companies starting their own Training Centres.
Though there may be many people operating in the field, there will be a growing demand for well-trained and high quality
professionals in this area.

Government jobs
· Central and State Government
Departments of Tourism
· Tourist information offices and Travel
Desks at Airports and other centres
· Indian Railways
Private sector
· Private National and International Travel
· Travel Desk at Hotels and Resorts
· Travel BPOs
· Online Travel Booking Sites and Travel
Portals · Cruise Liners · Private Airlines
Work hours and day/night shifts:
Depends on the line of work eg.
Cruise Liners, Hotels etc. have
day and night shifts
Educational sector
· Lecturer or Associate Professor of
Tourism and Travel Management at
· Instructors at private and IATA
training institutes
· Set up your own independent Travel
Consultancy or Travel Agency

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