Social Worker | Service Sector

Social Work is a field that aims to improve the lives of people
by helping them deal with their problems in a positive manner.
It encourages individuals, groups and communities to enhance
their lives by developing their skills and using their own
resources as well as the community’s to resolve their problems.
Unemployment, Addiction, Mental Health issues, Physical
Abuse, Poverty, Illiteracy and Diseases like Cancer and AIDS
are a few of the major problems that make the lives of people
difficult. Social Workers help people deal with these issues by
offering them practical support and guidance.
They work towards solutions for the social, economic, medical
and emotional problems of people through avenues such as
education, employment, counseling, medical help.
Some of the tasks Social Workers do on the job include:
· Take care of mental and physical health of people in a clinic
· Bring together people of a Community for common causes
· Offer Counseling to persons of all ages
· Direct people in jails and juvenile homes towards useful
· Provide support and counseling to patients suffering from
serious illnesses
· Negotiate with Government Authorities for support & funding


Educational Requirements
Undergraduate courses
· B. S. W (Bachelor of Social Work)
· B. A (Social Work)
Postgraduate courses
· M. S. W (Master of Social Work)
· M. A (Social Work)
· Ph. D. in Social Work and related areas

Eligibility and Admission process to courses:
· Class XII completed

Aptitude and Skills needed:
· Genuine interest in helping others
· Questioning Attitude towards Social Injustices
· Respect for all people
· Value Human Relationships
· High Integrity
· Communication and interpersonal skills

There are numerous employment opportunities available for Social Workers in the Private, Public and the Social Sectors.
Regarded as a free and voluntary service at one time, today it is a profession that requires appropriate qualification and offers a
reasonable pay scale as any other job.
With many corporate offices running CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) programmes, the demand for qualified social workers is
set to go up. Career opportunities in this field depend on an individual’s area of specialization and experience.

Private sector
· HR department of various industries
· Private Hospitals and Clinics
· Private Companies
Government jobs
· Government Hospitals and Mental
Health Facilities
· Government Social Development
· Prisons and correction cells
Social sector
· Counseling centers
· Old Age Homes
· Rehabilitation Centres
· NGOs working in the development

Educational sector
· Lecturers and Professors of
Social Work at various Colleges
and Universities
Self employed
· Independent Social Workers
operating alone or in coordination
with various other

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