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The places where we live and work are subject to threats from
a variety of causes including thefts, terror strikes and accidents
such as fire. Security Agencies help us to avoid such incidents
by offering their Security Services on a contract basis.
They provide us with Security Solutions including Planning
and Deployment of Security Guards, Security Officers, Armed
Guards, Firemen, Dog Handlers, Consulting, Investigation
Works and Command and Control Centre Employees.
Their clients include Real Estate Groups, Companies, Hotels,
Factories and Industrial Units, Airports, Banks and Financial
Institutions, Malls, Private Residences and Large Apartments
Security Staff are persons employed by these Agencies for 24-
hour protection of specified client locations.
All Security Staff are professionally trained, uniformed and
many are well armed. They work in 24 hour shifts and protect
their clients’ premises, assets and personnel from losses caused
by trespassing, burglary, fire and other accidents.
Personal Security Officers/ Body Guards protect an individual
round the clock from personal threats of assault, kidnaping,
stalking and so on. This service is usually required by celebrities,
political leaders and extremely wealthy persons who are at
specific personal risk from fans, professional and political
enemies, detractors, kidnappers and so on.
Some of the tasks Security Staff perform include:
· Patrol the client’s premises at regular intervals
· Maintain a register of all incoming visitors, record their name,
purpose of visit and phone number
· Accompany consignments containing cash from banks to ATMs
· Ensure that premises are properly locked at the end of the day
· Monitor premises 24 hours with a Central Monitoring Station
· Detect intrusion, fire, medical or any other emergency
· Testing and maintenance of fire safety equipment


Educational Requirements
No minimum qualifications, but recommended is minimum
Class XII or Graduation and good spoken English

Eligibility and Admission process to courses
· No minimum educational qualifications required for entry into
this profession

Aptitude and Skills needed
· Physical Fitness
· Alertness and Presence of Mind
· Excellent Vision and Hearing
· Communication skills
· Training in Self-defense and Armed Combat


Security Services is one of the most rapidly growing sectors in
India. It is expected to grow from Rs 360 billion in 2013 to Rs
1501 billion by 2022 according to a report by the NSDC
(National Skill Development Corporation).
This will lead to a demand for more than 11.8 million skilled
security staff by 2022. With this segment projected to grow at a
rapid pace, many large foreign companies are also entering
operations here in India. These developments will trigger many
job opportunities in the coming years.
Special Training
· Training in Defense, Weaponry and Combat
· Driving Skills
· Training in Unarmed Combat, Threat Assessment and First Aid

Self employed
· Independent Consultants and
Trainers to Security Agencies
Private Sector
· Private Companies
· Diplomatic Missions
· Hotels
· Industrial Units and Factories
· Airlines and Airports
· Banks and Financial Institutions
· Malls and Multiplexes
· BPOs
· Residential Apartment Complexes
· Independent Houses
· Museums
Work hours and
day/night shifts:

Fixed hours for Security
Staff but variable for
Personal guards and
Body Guards | Day and
Night shifts

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