Independent Career Consultant (ICC)

They are those who are mainly responsible for bringing Students inside BPUT University because Ultimately Students are the main product & outcome of any colleges Under the University.

  • Basically, Administrative Officers of Each College have knowledge about majority events happening inside the college and the information required for the students.
  • Admission Officers of each college not only do one2one counselling at colleges or other places but also they follow up to those students after admission even until they leave the college.
    So They are the best choice to suit our need and to be our Ambassadors.

They will get FREE Global Career Counsellor OSA Certificate byOdisha Students Association” [ Cost Rs: 5555/- ] & their details will be placed inside the largest career counselling portal of Odisha. They will also get Career Counselling material and the ultimate framework to guide Students.

:- They will get Opportunity to do Counselling at least 100 or more students by 1 year to do one to one Counselling. from Odisha Students Association.

:- They will get opportunities to share their College Activities & Marketing banner inside the Largest BPUT Students Community

:- They will be the guest of honor as Counsellor for various upcoming Career Counselling Seminar events by “Odisha Students Association”, Government of Odisha Sports & Youth Development Department.

:-  They will get a Personal website/blog and a facebook page designed having 1k to 5k likes in order to Market their Services Digitally. They will get a professional email Id and Digital Visiting Card, T-Shirt etc from “Odisha Students Association” as Career Counsellor.

:- They will get opportunities to Publish their Articles/related things on our Blogs/Magazines.