Veterinarian | Healthcare

A veterinarian or veterinary surgeon is a physician for animals
and birds.
Besides taking care of the health of animals, veterinary
doctors perform surgeries, prevent spread of diseases among
animals, administer vaccination, and give advice on animal
breeding and welfare.
Veterinary science has many branches of study such as Animal
Genetics and Breeding, Veterinary Gynaecology and
Obstetrics, Veterinary Parasitology, Veterinary Pharmacology
and Toxicology, Veterinary surgery and radiology, Animal
Nutrition and so on.
A veterinarian has to handle some of the following tasks:
· Handling livestock
· Giving vaccinations to animals
· Treat illness and epidemics among animals
· Take steps to improve productivity of livestock and poultry


ducational Requirements
Undergraduate courses
· B.V.Sc &A.H. (Bachelor of Veterinary Science and Animal
· Diploma in Veterinary Pharmacy
· Diploma in Veterinary and Livestock Development Assistant
For teaching career or further advancement in your veterinary
career you have to complete
Postgraduate courses
· M. V.Sc & A.H. (Master of Veterinary Science and Animal
· Ph.D. in related fields
· Post-graduation in wildlife

Eligibility and Admission process:
· Class XII completed with science
· Selection via national level test conducted by Indian Council
for Agricultural Research (ICAR) or state level tests

Aptitude and Skills needed:
· Knowledge and techniques to treat animal injuries, diseases,
and deformities
· Passion for health and well-being of animals
· Cognitive skills for diagnosis
· Quick decisions in emergencies
· Outdoor physical, manual work
· People skills, empathy with owners of animals

Given the growing number of livestock in our country, the availability of veterinary surgeons is very less in India.
This is a field that shows tremendous potential to grow but needs to attract more young people into it.

Government jobs
· Government veterinary hospitals
· Government owned wildlife sanctuaries,
animal reserves, parks and zoos
· Animal husbandry department
· Army and other related Government
services which have animals that need
Private Sector
· Pharmaceutical industries
· Pet food manufacturing companies
· Private poultry and livestock farms
· Dairy and poultry products’ processing
· Race clubs
Work hours and
day/night shifts:

Erratic work hours and
shifts depending upon
· Research centers for developing
new vaccinations and serums
· Dairy research institutes.
· Laboratories
· Pharmaceutical and drug
manufacturing industries etc.
Educational sector
· Lecturer or Associate Professor in
Veterinary Colleges

· Own clinic in rural or urban areas

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