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Translators or Interpreters are trained to convey a message
from one language to another without altering the meaning or
richness of the communication. Translation and interpretation
are very closely connected as they both involve knowledge and
use of Foreign Languages.
However, Translators work on translating written text while
Interpreters translate speeches and verbal communication.
Translators should not be focused on the mere substitution of
words from one language to the other but instead they should
convey the meaning and the underlying concept of the text in
the most effective and convincing manner. While correct
grammar and accurate words are important, their focus has to
be on capturing the essence of the original text or speech.
Some of the tasks Translators perform include:
· Analyze work done by other translators to improve one’s skills
· Research the project’s background before starting on the
· Work in different types of projects to gain depth and range of
· Refer to dictionaries, grammar books and resources to make
sure no mistakes are made
· Compile technical terms used in legal or technology firms
into glossaries & databases for easy reference by translators
· Render spoken messages accurately, quickly, and clearly

Educational Requirements
Undergraduate courses
· B. A. in any Foreign Language of your choice
· Diploma or Certificate Courses in any Foreign Language of
your choice
Postgraduate courses
· M. A in any Foreign Language of your choice (offered only by
few Universities in India)

Eligibility and Admission process to courses:
· Graduation in any discipline followed by short term or long
term courses in the Foreign language of your choice

Aptitude and Skills needed:
· Keen interest in Languages
· Knowledge about grammar, spelling, and punctuation
· Effective writing and speaking skills in the language
· Ability to maintain alphabetical, numerical, and subject filing
· Ability to interact courteously and confidently in the language
· Knowledge about basic cultural dos and don’ts while
interacting in the foreign language

With increasing Globalization, International Trade is becoming a very common thing today. Multinational Companies, Government
Departments and Trade Agencies – all feel the acute need for foreign language translators for handling their external communication
needs in overseas markets.
Translation is set to be a multi-billion dollar industry in the coming few decades. However success in this field can be achieved only
through in-depth knowledge of the language, work experience and understanding of the needs of different types of customers.
Candidates looking to make a career in this field should build their strength in translation by working on different types of content and
practicing continuously to improve their language skills.

Government jobs
· Government Embassies and
Diplomatic Missions
· Government Departments such as
Tourism, Foreign Trade, International
Affairs, Trade Bodies
Private Sector
· Private Multinational Companies
· Hotels and Resorts
· Travel Agencies
· Private Trading Organizations
Work hours and
day/night shifts:

varying hours
depending on projects
Day and Night shifts
Educational sector
· Associate Professors at various
Universities that teach Foreign
· Instructors and trainers at
Language Training Institutes

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