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Technical Writing or Technical Communication is the
communication of technical concepts in a simple manner so
that even a non-technology person can understand how to
use technology products like computer software, hardware or
electronic gadgets. It has become an essential function as we
live in an era of widespread technological use.
Technical Writers create User Manuals and Technical
Documentation that help us to understand how exactly a
software program works or how an electronic product has to
be used. The Manual that accompanies a Washing Machine
or a Mobile Phone and the Documentation that comes with a
Software Package are examples of different forms of Technical
Technical Writers need a good understanding of technology
and a sound command over language – English or regional
languages. Besides User manuals, they also write Online Help
Files, Instruction and Installation Guides, STM (Scientific,
Technical and Medical) journals and so on.
Some of the tasks Technical Writers do include:
· Meet and discuss documentation requirements with clients
· Try out Software/Product to understand precisely how it works
· Revise and edit documentation written by junior writers
· Develop Online Help Windows and FAQ (Frequently Asked
Questions) for employees and customers of the company

Educational Requirements
Undergraduate courses
· B. Sc. in Physics
· B. E| B. Tech in any discipline
· B. A in Literature | Mass Communication | Journalism and
Mass Communication
· Certificate and Diploma courses in Technical Writing
Postgraduate courses
· M. C. J(Master of Communication and Journalism)
· M. Sc in Physic

Eligibility and Admission process to courses:
· Class XII completed

Aptitude and Skills needed:
· Aptitude for technology and research skills
· Good command over English and local languages
· Team work and Interpersonal skills
· Communication skills

India is a global centre for IT and Engineering related services. Software is one of India’s chief exports to other countries.
These IT and Software Engineering companies require the services of skilled and trained Technical Writers to take care of their
documentation needs.
As a result, Technical Writing is a $1 billion industry in India with a growing need for more writers each year.
With experience and skills, Technical Writers can move to senior roles in the field where they can manage the entire teams of Writers
and Documentation Specialists.

Educational sector
· Instructors of Technical Writing at Institutes
and Coaching Centres
· Technical Communication Trainers in
Private companies
· Independent Technical Writers working as
Government jobs
· Public Sector Units in technology and
Engineering fields
· Government Departments

Private sector
· Robotics
· Information technology
· Computer hardware and software
· Finance
· Aerospace
· Biotechnology
· Consumer electronics
· Healthcare
· Hospitality

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