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Technical Support teams provide assistance to users of various
products and software in familiarizing themselves with the
usage of the product, resolving technical problems and
End-customers of products and employees using a common
platform or software in an organization are typical groups that
need help from technical support teams. From home
appliances like washing machines or mobile phones to
computer software and hardware, users often need guidance
on how to use specific features or tackle technical issues.
Technical Support persons talk to them over the phone or in
person to understand their problem and hand-hold them
through complex steps and procedures to resolve the issue.
Some of the tasks Technical Support employees do include:
· Provide support to employees in the company for software
and network configuration, file backups, server support and
general maintenance
· Take action on all internal IT helpdesk requests
· Assist with the testing of internal applications and projects
· Interact with customers on phone and e-mail


Educational Requirements
Undergraduate courses
· B. E| B. Tech in any stream
· B. Sc | B. Com| B. A. in any stream
· Certificate courses in various technologies
· Diploma courses in various technologies
Those interested in career growth may take up:
Postgraduate courses
· M. Tech
· M. Sc in any stream

Eligibility and entry into jobs:
· Class XII completed in any stream

Aptitude and Skills needed:
· Thorough understanding of the company’s products & services
· Strong communication (English and local languages) and
Interpersonal skills
· Patience and ability to deal with difficult customers
· Logical thinking
· Good analytical and problem-solving skills
· Up-to-date technical knowledge

As our dependence on technology continues to grow at ever rapid pace, Technical Support functions will be in greater demand.
Technical Support jobs can be similar to routine call center or BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) jobs. In some cases, technically
qualified engineering graduates perform simple first level support functions that require little knowledge and offer very little
opportunity for career growth.
Technical Support persons must aim for roles where they interact with users, gain technical knowledge across many products,
troubleshoot and resolve challenging issues. They should also improve their job prospects by taking up certifications, gaining project
experience or training in network support.
This will lead to career growth as Data Centre Operators, Network Administrators and Analysts.

Government jobs
· Large Central and State Government
Departments which use computer
systems for its employees
· Public Sector Units & Nationalized Banks
Private Sector
· FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods)
· Multinational IT companies
· Hardware Manufacturing companies such as
laptops, printers, tablets and so on
· Pre-sales and post-sales teams of IT Companies
· BPOs offering Technical Support to many brands
· Private service providers in areas such as
Telecommunications, Mobile Telephony, Network
providers and so on
· Private Sector Organizations that use Computer
Networks, Software, Hardware and Computer
Systems for its employees

Educational sector
· Instructors offering certifications
in various technical support
functions, technologies, platforms
· Trainers in MNCs and IT
providing training to new entrants
in the Tech Support team

Self employed
· Set up your own independent
Technical Support practice
servicing small entrepreneurs
and proprietorships
Work hours and
day/night shifts:

Variable hours | Day
and Night shifts

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