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Stock Brokers purchase and sell stocks of companies and
other forms of securities in the stock market on behalf of their
clients. Their clients may be companies or individuals who
have disposable funds which they want to invest.
Many of these clients lack the specialized skills, the know-how
and the time required to engage in buying and selling of
shares. Professional stock brokers help them do this for a fee
or a commission.
Stock Brokers are in constant contact with their clients,
updating them on the fluctuations in stock prices and giving
them advice on when to buy and sell their stocks.
As a successful stock broker, you will not only get your clients
the best deals but also make sure that your stock broking firm
is making profits in the long run.
In India you can work as full-service broker, a discount broker
or a company broker.
Some of the tasks Stock Brokers take up on their job include:
· Monitor share prices through the day to make buy and sell
· Speak frequently to clients to help them manage their wealth
· Execute orders to buy and sell securities
· Provide services for portfolio management
· Keep close watch on developments in the Government and
economy as stock markets fluctuate in response to any such


Educational Requirements
Undergraduate courses
· C.A (Chartered Accountant) · CA (Cost Accountant) · B.C.A
· Actuarial Science · CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst)
· Company Secretary (CS) · B. Sc. in Statistics / other streams
· B. Com| BBA with specialization in Finance
Certificate Programmes after Graduation
· NSE(National Stock Exchange) Certification in Financial Markets
· NSE Certified Capital Market Professional
· Certificate courses in Derivatives Exchange, Securities Markets,
Options Trading, Security Analysis and Portfolio Management
from BSE and other Training Institutes
· Post Graduate Diploma in Capital Market & Financial Services
· PG Diploma in Fundamentals of Capital Market Development
Postgraduate courses:
· MBA (Finance) · MCA · M. Com with specialization in Finance

Eligibility and Entry into the job
For entry as sub broker: Class XII completed
For entry as Broker:
· Graduation completed
· Minimum 2 years experience in a stock broking firm
· Registered member of the NSE (National Stock Exchange)
and SEBI (Securities and Exchange Board of India)

Aptitude and Skills needed:
· Interest in equities and stocks
· Professional training and certifications
· Strong communication
· Aptitude for Risk
· Ability to thrive in high stress, competitive environment
· Computer skills and specialized software knowledge

India has a mature and strong capital market and economy.
The NSE and BSE rank among the top 15 stock exchanges in the world. Certified and experienced Stock Brokers can find many career
options within India’s stock brokering firms or in the financial sector in India. However, the field is a very demanding one and many
people who start as stock brokers drop out from the job as the pressure is intense and the work environment stressful.
Opportunities for stock brokers are plenty in areas such as Mutual Funds, Wealth Managers and Investment Advisors.

Government jobs
· Investment Advisors to Government
· Financial Planners and Analysts for
Government Banks
Private Sector
· Private Stock Broking Firms
· Financial Analysts and Planners at
Investment Firms
· Capital Market Specialists, Equity
Analysts, Financial Managers,
Financial Advisers at various private
Finance and non-Finance companies
· Private Banks

Educational sector
· Lecturer or Instructors at Training
Institutes offering specialized courses
in Capital Markets
· Associate Professor at Management
and Finance colleges

Self employed
· Independent Investment Advisor,
Planner, Wealth Consultant etc.
Work hours and
day/night shifts:
Erratic work hours| Day
and Night Shifts

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