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Sociology is the study of human social behavior and its origin,
development and organization over the years. It helps us to
understand human behavior in different contexts as well as to
figure out the cause and consequences of such behaviour.
Sociology was earlier associated with the Social Service and
Education sectors. However, today it is evident that the
understanding gained from Sociology is very useful in areas
like Criminal Justice, Law, Health Care, Media, Business,
Economics and so on.
Sociologists observe, analyze and understand human beings
through their social interactions. They develop a keen
understanding of how societies organize, develop and
change. They also study the effect of different social
institutions on the lives and attitudes of humans.
Some of the tasks Sociologists take up on the job include:
· Refer to existing Research work on their field of study
· Conduct independent research by meeting and interviewing
· Spend time on the field observing the subjects of their study
· Compile and Analyze data
· Write Reports and Thesis
· Make Presentations about their Theories and Findings


Educational Requirements
Undergraduate courses
· B. A in Sociology
Postgraduate courses
· M. A in Sociology
· Ph. D in Sociology and related areas of study

Eligibility and Selection into the course
· Class XII completed

Aptitude and Skills needed:
· Interest in social and cultural aspects of human behavior
· Aptitude for Online and Field Research
· Capacity for detailed observation
· Critical thinking skill
· Organizing and Problem Solving skills
· Ability to work independently and in groups
· Analytical and Data Interpretation skills
· Computer skills
· Good written and verbal Communication skills
· Interpersonal Skills and Empathy

Trained Sociologists are in demand in a wide range of sectors such as Health Care, Social Service, Criminal Justice, Law, Media and
Development Science.
In a developing country like India, the relevance of Sociology is high as we try to understand our Society and resolve some of the
problems we face.
However, a lot of the work in Sociology is research-based and India is still far behind the developed Western countries in Research
opportunities in this field.

Educational sector
· Lecturers and Associate Professors of
Sociology in Indian Colleges and
Social sector
· NGOs
· International Agencies working in the
Development and Social Sector
Government jobs
· Government Health and Welfare
· Government-run Criminal Justice
· Government Public Sector Units
Railways, Telecommunication
companies, Insurance etc.

Work hours and
day/night shifts:
Variable hours as work
is field based |

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