Self-employment means that a person works for him/herself
instead of working for an employer who pays him/her salary
or a wage.
This work can be related to the skills that they possess for
example a painter, baker, cook, cleaner, house-help,
electrician or a plumber.
This kind of work can be done for anyone who needs to hire a
person for whatever service they need.
They can ask them to provide the service/do the task either in
a house, office space or anywhere they need it to be done.
This kind of job requires vocational skills specific to that
particular field.
While the job does not come with the security of a regular and
timely income, such as a monthly salary, it affords the
individual the opportunity for flexibility around time and
workload, provides an opportunity to earn more by working
longer and allows the individual to extensively pursue other
interests outside of their vocation.
Some of the tasks done by a self-employed service provider:

  • Understand the requirement of the client
  • Source material required for their work- build a network of
    reliable suppliers
  • Keep themselves updated on the new techniques and
    technologies in the field
  • Undergo skill development programmes


Educational Requirements
· Short term certificate or vocational training courses

Eligibility and Admission process to courses
· No particular educational qualification required

Aptitude and Skills needed
· Good aesthetic sense and creativity
· Ability to work on one’s feet for long periods of time
· Ability to work efficiently and calmly under pressure
· Ability to communicate with client and understand


With a fast growing infrastructure in India, the job
opportunities are high for self-employed professionals,
especially with private individual clients.
While corporates and bigger establishments mostly hire
contractors that provide end to end service, for individual or
private use, families/individuals seek out the services of selfemployed
There is also an opportunity to tie up with big contractors and
provide service on a need basis.

Since it’s self-employment, you
can work in the private sector only

Work hours and day/night shifts:
Work hours depend on the
work needed to be done

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