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Sales is one of the most vital functions in an organization that
is required to bring in revenue and keep the organization
going. Sales is the activity or transaction of selling the products
and services of a company. It can be Retail or Wholesale.
Retail Sales involves smaller quantities of the product sold to
individual customers as in shops, door-to-door sales, online
sales to a customer and so on. Wholesale refers to large
volume transactions made from one business to another
business such as sales to dealers and distributors. Retail sales
is also referred to as B2C (Business to Consumer) while
Wholesale is referred to as B2B (Business to Business).
Sales Professionals are responsible for meeting prospective
customers, understanding their needs and persuading them to
buy the company’s product that best fits their needs.
Their job covers everything from identifying customers, closing
sales deals to resolving post-sales issues. Communicating
features and benefits of the products or services being offered,
comparing it with competitor products and making customers
aware of offers and discounts are also part of the Sales
person’s job.
Some of the tasks Sales Professionals do include:
· Prospecting new customers through phone calls
· Attend Product training sessions to understand products well
· Make appointments to meet prospective customers
· Participate in trade shows, seminars, and marketing events
· Make presentations or perform demonstrations of products
or services to customers


Educational Requirements
Undergraduate courses
· B. A | B. Com | B. Sc. in any Discipline
· B. E | B. Tech (for Sales roles in Technology Companies)
For the top jobs in Sales, candidates with Technical and
Managerial qualifications are given a preference.
Postgraduate courses
· M. A | M. Com | M. Sc. in any Discipline
· M. B. A with specialization in Sales and Marketing

Eligibility and Entry into Sales Jobs
· Graduation in any Discipline
· Technical Qualifications and Management Degree helps in
rising quickly in a Sales career

Aptitude and Skills needed:
· Strong Communication skills
· In-depth knowledge about products or services being sold
· Confident approach
· Highly self-motivated
· Ability to work both in teams and independently
· Ability to work under pressure

A Management degree helps to ease the way up in a Sales
career and a person with the right skills and attitude can work
his or her way right up to the top from a Sales role.
Sales department forms the vital backbone of a business as no
company can survive without selling its Products and Services.
As more choices of goods and services flood our markets, the
role of the Sales persons becomes much more competitive as
they have to lure customers from many other choices to buy his
company’s products.
Success in sales is dependent not on any specific educational
qualifications or experience but on the abilities of the candidate
to persuade customers and close sales. As a result, it is often
the most common job that Fresh graduates opt for.
While entry into Sales jobs is relatively easy, rising in the career
is very competitive. The demand for Sales professionals is
always high across all industries.


Government jobs
· Government Public Sector
Private sector
· Consumer Goods Industry
· Electronics and Technology
· Hotels and Resorts
· Financial Products and
· Private Banks and Insurance

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