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Rural Management is the application of Management
Principles in the rural environment. It involves organizing and
directing cooperative firms, rural development organizations,
farming units, agri-businesses, rural handicraft, healthcare
and educational institutions to perform efficiently and
A Rural Management professional is responsible for the
systematic planning and execution of rural development
schemes and businesses, thereby helping to improve the lives
of people in rural areas.
Some of the tasks that Rural Management Professionals
undertake as part of their job:
· Interact closely with people in villages to understand their
· Research rural systems of livelihood and identify areas for
· Undertake fund-raising activities for rural programmes
targeting the Government, NGOs, corporate etc.
· Monitor and control progress of various rural cooperative
and organizations
· Train rural people on finance, marketing and sales
· Computerize various rural businesses and activities


Educational Requirements
Undergraduate courses
· B.A in Rural Management
· Bachelor of Rural Technology and Management
Most career opportunities are open to postgraduates:
Postgraduate courses
· M.R.M (Master in Rural Management)
· MBA with specialization in Rural Management
· PPRM (Postgraduate Programme in Rural Management)
· PDRM (Postgraduate Diploma in Rural Marketing)

Eligibility and Admission process to postgraduate courses
· Undergraduate degree in any stream
· Selection in the entrance test for postgraduate programmes
to leading Rural management Colleges
· Selection in Group Discussions and Interviews

Aptitude and Skills needed:
· Passion in Rural Work and Rural Development
· Willingness to work in rural areas
· Good communication and Interpersonal skills
· Knowledge of local languages
· Problem solving attitude and leadership skills

Rural Management is an important sector in India, where the majority of the population lives in villages. Agriculture and agribusineses
are a vital component of our economy. However, currently not enough is being done in this sector. This is evident from the
crisis in many of our states with regard to agriculture and crop cultivation.
Rural Management opportunities are gaining significance as we realize the need to focus on our farmlands and farmers as well.
The Government is announcing many programmes and initiatives to help speed up the development of the rural sector. Also, a small
group of social minded individuals are slowly taking up activities and initiatives among the rural people.
Rural Management professionals will be in demand as these initiatives continue.


Government jobs
· Government Developmental Agencies
· Government Development Schemes and
· Rural Co-operative Sector such as Oilseeds
Cooperatives, Milk Producers Cooperative
(National Dairy Development Board), Sugar
Cane Producers Cooperative etc.
· Government Banks focused on Rural Credit
and Development eg. NABARD (National
Bank for Agricultural and Rural Development

Educational sector
· Instructors at colleges and institutes offering
Rural Management courses
· Supervision and Management of Teaching
Programmes for Rural children
· Management of NGOs offering adult
education in rural areas

Private Sector
· United Nations Agencies focused on
Development Work
· Private agri-business enterprises
· Microfinance Lending Organizations
and Private Banks with Rural Schemes
· Food and agricultural marketing
· Agro product industries
Work hours and
day/night shifts:
Variable work hours
depending upon projects
Day and night shift
· Consultants to various Corporations
· Set up your own NGO or
Development project

Social sector
National and International NGOs
(Non-Government Organizations)
focused in the rural sector

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