Hotel Management | Hospitality

Hotel Management is a specialized degree for professionals
who want to be part of the hotel and hospitality industry.
It trains people in all aspects of managing a hotel – whether a
five star hotel or a small beach-side resort.
Hotel Management jobs require a range of skills including
Food and Beverage Service, Front Office operation, Sales and
Marketing, Events, Banquets, Accounting etc.
Some of the functions that Hotel Management professionals
do are:
· Sales and marketing employees identify prospective
customers to sell the hotel’s services
· Floor Supervisors oversee operations on each floor of a hotel
· Housekeeping Department ensures that guest rooms are
clean and well maintained
· Banquet Managers supervise catering assignments
· Executive Chefs works with assistants to preparetasty meals


Educational Requirements
Hotel Management Training
· Certificate courses in Hotel and Catering Supervision
· Craftsmanship Course in Food Production & Patisserie
· Diploma in Hospitality Management|Food & Beverages
Services, Bakery & Confectionery
· Advanced Diploma in Hospitality Management
· Associate Degree in Hospitality Management
· B.A. in Hotel Management
· B.Sc in Hospitality & Administration
· Bachelors in Hotel Management
Postgraduate courses
· Postgraduate Diploma in Accommodation
· M.Sc in Hospitality Administration
· M.Sc in Dietetics and Hospital Food Service

Eligibility and Selection into the course
· Class XII completed in any stream
· Admission through selection process for some of the Hotel
Management Institutes

Aptitude and Skills needed:
· Passion for hospitality
· Pleasing personality and interpersonal skills
· Aptitude for Customer service
· Good organizational abilities
· Skilled at written and verbal communication
· Problem-solving ability

India is a sought after tourist location with the well-established hospitality industry. Besides hosting visitors from all over the world,
Indians have also been traveling extensively within their own country. This has led to a surge in the number of hotel chains in the
country. These hotels do not wish to spend time and funds in training people who are completely new to the field.
Trained Hotel Management employees and professionals are much in demand in India.

Government jobs
· Government Hotels and Guest Houses
· Hotel and Tourism Associations (eg:
State Tourism Development
· Catering departments of railways,
armed forces, Government
departments, etc.
Private Sector
· Private Hotels, Resorts and Luxury Spas
· Airline Catering (flight kitchen) and
Cabin Services
· Club Cruise Shipsmanagement
· Hospitality services in various MNCs

Educational sector
· Instructors and Lecturers at
Hotel Management Institutes,
Colleges and Universities

Work hours and
day/night shifts:
Erratic work hours,
Day and night shifts

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